NEOBEAR AR Globe (English Packing Edition)


neobear hk ar globe


neobear hk ar globe


neobear hk ar globe


neobear hk ar globe


Enhancing the way children experience the world!

NEOBEAR’s augmented reality globe is one of the most sought out products in today’s educational market. Bring to children a new and exciting way in which they can learn about the world through different themes. Each theme contains various modes to further more improve the way lessons are taught. The product is destined for early on education as well as older children who want to develop their learning capabilities, with voice narrative and moving 3D images, it is the future of teaching. NEOBEAR is always designing new content. When necessary, a quick update on the application will constantly change the globe, having new themes introduced to your children without any additional purchases. All this experienced from the comfort our own home.


  • National Encyclopedia
  • Natural Geography
  • Human Civilization
  • Ancient Earth
  • Mystical Universe
  • Interesting Earth

Award: A'Design Award & Competition (


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Delivery will be arranged through local courier company in around 2 week after an order has been placed. The packing of the product maybe slightly damaged during delivery, but it does not affect the functions of the product at all.

The iPad in the photos/videos is just for demo, it is not included in the purchase. Please read the Return Policy before you purchase.

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