NEOBEAR Popup Zoo 2 AR 3D Literacy Card (Exclusive Traditional Chinese Edition)

NEOBEAR Popup Zoo 2 AR 3D Literacy Card uses AR technology to create an interactive learning environment for children. AR (Augmented Reality) Together with VR (Virtual Reality) are the current popular technologies. The three-dimensional virtual (3D) objects in real time superimposed on a real scene through the tablet, mobile phones, that the users can interact with the environment directly. With a video camera aimed at the animal card, the card on the animal will be able to magically "live". Rotate or move the animal card or device around, and the animals on the screen will turn or change the size. In "off the card function", when the card leaves the camera, the three-dimensional animals will remain on the screen, and children can continue to interact with them. Therefore children can learn various animals anytime.

Popup Zoo 2 contains 96 animal cards, and there are different functional cards. Children can use their creativity to use different functional cards to create various scenes! So that the learning process becomes lively and interesting!

Popup Zoo 2 contains Chinese, English, Spanish and Korean languages ​​and other languages. When the children play and interactive with the cards, they can learn the voice and tone of various animals. This can inspire children to learn foreign languages and make it interesting.

Popup Zoo 2 makes language and text learning easier and more funny and interesting. When you have a deep understanding of this product, you will find this product can inspire a wide range of learning potentials (creativity, innovation, etc) of children.

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